SP-22-Monitor car charging station

SP-22-Monitor car charging station

SP-22-Monitor charging station supplies EVs with electric power with the following parameters: 32 A and 22 kW (AC)

The charging station has a metal body for outdoor all-weather applications. Its contemporary design will perfectly match any architectural solutions in a modern city.

Multi-mode RGB light indication makes it convenient for users to obtain information about the current status of charging process. The system operation is intuitive and it offers a simple visual representation of charging process.

An integrated digital electricity meter enables prompt transmission of charging sessions data to a remote server with high accuracy.

OCPP 1.6J unified open communications protocol is used for SP-22-Monitor control and monitoring which makes it possible to integrate this model into an existing network of charging stations in Russia. The SP-22-Monitor charging station can also be operated via a mobile app.

The charging station features not only an Ethernet interface, but also a built-in 3G/ 4G modem, which allows you to stay connected to the server without any need for additional cable lines.

The time required for EVs to be completely charged depends on the capacity of their batteries. It takes 2-5 hours for SP-22-Monitor to have a standard EV completely charged.

The design of SP-22-Monitor charging station makes it suitable for operation in different climatic conditions, the charger is equipped with a temperature and humidity control system to maintain the best operating temperature inside the charger body and to prevent condensation.

An additional module integrated in the SP-22-Monitor body serves for protection against lightning and overvoltage, the station is also equipped with modules for protection against short circuit, overload, overvoltage and overheating.

An integrated SP-22-Monitor controller locks the charging plug of the device depending on the charging status, it also provides for the emergency unlocking in case of a power failure. A current leakage protection device (with a control system) is installed in the plug connector on the infrastructure side.


  • Metal, anti-vandal body for outdoor, all-weather applications.
  • Outdoor LED-display with reinforced protective glass (to broadcast advertising and other content – Digital Signage).
  • Lightning and overvoltage protection.
  • Simple integration into the existing charging networks by means of OCPP 1.6j protocol.
  • Mobile application for remote control and payments.
  • Multi-mode RGB light indication of the charging status and progress.
  • Outstanding design for better matching the modern urban architecture.


Input parameters:

  • Input voltage: 380V, 400V, 3 x phase AC.
  • Input frequency: 50/60 Hz.
  • Maximum total current: 34 А.
  • Consumed power: 23.6 kW.
  • Type of output connector: screw-type.

Output parameters:

  • Output power: 22 kW.
  • Output voltage: 380, 400 V.
  • Output alternate current: 32 А.
  • Standard GOST R IEC 61851-1-2013 (IEC 61851-1).
  • Charging mode: Mode 3.
  • Socket: GOST R IEC 62196-2-2013 (IEC 62196-2) Type 2.


  • WxHxD, mm: 593х1726х216..

Additional parameters:

  • Protection class IP54.
  • Body material: steel with pulverized coating.
  • Operational temperature: from -35°С to +40°С.
  • Relative humidity during operation: from 30% to 80% (without condensation).
  • Internal temperature control: integrated climate control system.
  • Connection: terminal panel – 3 phases, neutral, grounded.
  • Protection: from leak current and pulse overvoltage.
  • Communication: Ethernet, GSM.
  • Safety: controller locks the charging plug of the device depending on the charging status, it also provides for the emergency unlocking in case of a power failure.

Extra options:

  • Built-in charging cable Cable length is 3-7 meters.
  • Acoustic system (for voice support).